Stream Steps Up With Workshops for Women

Stream, formerly “Stream Energy,” has recently put on its 4th annual Women of Power Retreat at its headquarters in Dallas, TX. The direct selling company offers a variety of connected life services. Women in Power was founded in 2010. It offers motivation and education to women in the form of events and mentorships to help them launch their own businesses.


The company has a different theme each year for the retreats, with this year’s being “Shine.” The point of this theme is to encourage women to be confident in themselves and focus on their unique ( They hope this will inspire other women to follow suit.


There are numerous speakers who attended the event. This included news correspondent and also best-selling author Nicole Lapin, corporate health consultant Melissa Mark Garner, and also the business influencer, Karen Leland.


The workshops and events focused around helping women build the confidence and skillsets necessary to achieve the aims they have set out for. For example, a course called “How to Be Your Own Boss” was one of the main events. Other themes included topics like personal branding, visualizing success, and mindfulness exercises.


Stream associates often achieve more success after they attend these business building workshops. The executives of the company hope that associates walk away with a newfound vision of success.


Stream Energy


Stream Energy has taken the energy industry by storm with their innovation and new ways of delivering services. With direct selling, they are able to cut out many of the traditional costs associated with the market. Founded in 2005, the company has since racked up an impressive $8 billion in sales. They are now the fastest growing energy company in the market.


There are various services that Stream Energy offers. They provide energy, wireless, protective, and home services. They integrate these services to provide a connected way to manage life services for busy people on the go. While they started in Texas, their services have expanded nationwide. And select services are available in New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, and New York. The company’s rapid growth and success are showing no signs of slowing down.

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