Siteline Cabinetry Changed Our Entire Kitchen Makeup

My wife and I are now empty nesters, as our children have all grown and left us with our beautiful, oversized (for us now) house. Not that we are complaining, because it is here where all of the memories are stored. We had contemplated selling and getting a smaller, more practical place to live, but then we came up with another idea.

We started a catering business out of our kitchen, and it is starting to work out well. We went through all of the kitchen certification process, and this is something that we are having a great time doing, and we are starting to make some money from it. The only issue now is that our kitchen needs some work in order to make it to the next level.

The main thing is that our cabinets could use some reworking because catering equipment is different than the normal household kitchen things. If we could redo some things, it would really make us 1000 times more effective. So we started checking out local cabinet resources. Boy, were we disappointed. Companies that call themselves custom cabinet builders are anything but that, and we were still looking after spending considerable time at it.

Then we learned of Siteline Cabinetry from one of the ladies at my bridge club that meets every month. She and her husband had used Siteline for a kitchen-bathroom remake and she said that the entire experience was a custom job from the very start. Siteline has hundreds of choices of materials, styled, finishes, colors, and accessories. The work with you and can design cabinet configurations that have no limits. If you want it they will build it for you.

She went on to say that you work with a representative of Siteline and they will come to your home and spend the appropriate time with you, and then draw up the plans. The plans are sent to their main factory in Virginia and they build the cabinets from scratch there.

We didn’t wait at all to take advantage of that formula, and when the rep came to the house we were amazed not only with how easy the whole process was, but we were also overjoyed at the results when our new cabinets became a reality.