Robin Thikoll Is The Vice President Of Operational Excellence At Ingersoll Rand

Robert Thikoll has been a member of the Ingersoll Rand team since 2014. He holds the title of Vice President of Operational Excellence. Robert is an expert in lean management. He is committed to the operational excellence of his team. Thikoll ensures that his department will provide the type of leadership that makes the appropriate impact on the company. Thikoll’s job is to work directly with senior leaders and presidents of the company to develop strategies that bring teams closer together. The objective is to accomplish the desired mission. Robert understands that lean objectives must be accomplished while maintaining a culture that continues to focus on the company’s overall vision.

Robert Thikoll was previously with Danaher. He worked with the company from 2000 to 2015. Thikoll held various roles that included the Vice President of Global Operations. Robert was an award-winning leader at Danaher. He also spent 8 years at the Aisin Takaoka Company where he gained tremendous experience in lean objectives.

Robert Thikoll is very conscious of his schedule and how it affects everything that he is responsible for. He believes that an effective business person must build their time around positive habits. Thikoll front loads his day. This gives him the opportunity to take on more complicated task when he has the energy. Afternoon hours are for developing closer relationships with team members. Administrative chores are saved until all personal interactions with team members have been set in place.

Thikoll believes in teamwork when it comes to solving problems and moving an organization forward. Everyone must have a voice in the matters of decision-making. Robert understands that human relationships are what make each individual person successful. People are more important than any piece of technology. This is why Robert Thikoll commits an ample amount of time to personal development.

It is important not to get intimidated by obstacles. Robert Thikoll is committed to solving complicated issues and not letting them get in the way of the team’s mission. He understands that he cannot force his visions and opinions on others. There is more to gain by understanding why people feel a certain way, as opposed to making them believe that his method is the only correct avenue.

Robert Thikoll was a dual major at Arizona State University in Political Science and Asian Studies.

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