Richard Blair Wealth Solutions to Retired People

Wealth Solutions is an Investment Advisory Service in the United States. It has its headquarters in Austin, Texas and was founded by Richard Blair. The advisory services offered by the firm allow its clients to grow, protect and manage the assets they have acquired. According to Mr. Blair each and every person is entitled to a proper plan that makes the persuasion of financial goals easier. For this reason, he is dedicated to equipping the people of Texas with the necessary wealth management and retirement planning knowledge.


The company is guided by a three-pillar method in its daily activities. The three pillars are essential in identifying the financial situations of their clients and their retirement requirements. Identifying the financial situations and needs of their clients makes it easier for the firm to develop personalized plans for individual clients.


Wealth Solutions’ first pillar is used to assist the clients to come up with proper financial plans that suit their needs. The pillar identifies and understands the clients’ goals, growth opportunities, strengths and risk tolerance. The identification of these aspects is crucial in designing financial roadmaps for the clients. The second pillar, on the other hand, is essential in coming up with strategies that will satisfy the investment needs of the clients in the long run. The pillar is designed to meet clients’ investment objectives and liquidity. Richard is always guided by this pillar to manage and allocate clients assets for maximum profits. The last pillar involves meeting the insurance needs of clients. Meeting the needs of clients is possible after determining their goals and designing strategies to achieve the goals. Some of the needs taken on behalf of the clients by Wealth Solutions include long-term medical care and insurance coverages and on some occasions annuities.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Finance and Management Services from the University of Houston. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 immediately after his graduation. His passion for assisting and educating others inspired him to establish the firm. He has a wealth of experience of over 15 years in the financial industry. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He went through extensive training and sat for a CFP exam. He then passed both CFP certification and board fitness standards for registrants and candidates. He is also a certified Retirement Income Certified Professional. His expertise in managing finance and certifications have earned him a reputation in Texas.


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