Jeremy Goldstein gives legal advice to valuable companies around the nation, particularly, those involving employee benefits. Goldstein has over 15 years of experience in employee benefits and as a corporate lawyer. In fact, he has even established his own law firm in New York, after working for a large-scale corporate law firm. Goldstein’s advice is… Read Article →

The supplement industry has acquired a reputation for being a minefield of great products mixed in with snake oil. How to determine the validity and effectiveness of any nutritional supplement is a difficult task that causes many consumers to stay away from the nutritional supplements market. However, one company—Elysium Health—has set out to change the… Read Article →

If someone told me five years ago, that selling bottled water would be one of the biggest global businesses in the world, I would have laughed at them. See, I grew up in a rural environment, and water was something we always had on the tap. Throw in refrigerator filters or various other ways to… Read Article →

Currently, there are impressive fab Fabletics brand finer athleisure wear for women found on Amazon online. Kate Hudson moved her exciting Fabletics fashions into the wide world of the web. Internet shopping is reaching new heights that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. Who would have thought that one athleisure wear fashion company could… Read Article →

The American Institute of Architects is a joint organization for professional architects headquartered in Washington D.C. The institute’s line of activities is directed towards the advocating of education, community re-augmentation as well as public outreach. Additionally, AIA focuses on improving the public image of architects throughout the United States. The organization’s achievements are attributed to… Read Article →

Few successful entrepreneurs want to support start-ups and mentor individuals joining entrepreneurship. This has made many start-ups fail as a result of lack of proper strategies and planning. As a result, Glen Wakeman has come to the aid of many entrepreneurs and developing companies. He has an experience of over 21 years in the business… Read Article →

Dr. Mark Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health. He has a full schedule working nonstop with performing surgeries, educating others, teaching at the University of Illinois and researching new therapies. He also finds time to guide surgical residents and medical students (Peoria.Medicine). Dr. Holterman is involved in varies health-related charities. One of the… Read Article →

Stream, formerly “Stream Energy,” has recently put on its 4th annual Women of Power Retreat at its headquarters in Dallas, TX. The direct selling company offers a variety of connected life services. Women in Power was founded in 2010. It offers motivation and education to women in the form of events and mentorships to help… Read Article →

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