Meet the Man behind The Original Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant

It is always motivating to see an entrepreneur who followed their passion, believed themselves and ended up successful. We gain inspiration from them and learn what they did to get there. Joel Friant is the creator of the Habanero Shaker. It is his love of the Habanero Chile Pepper that inspired him to start his current venture. He says that there was no pure Habanero shaker. The ones in the market were combined with cheap spices or salt. He just felt the need to let people enjoy the real thing. Friat says that although people think it’s too hot, in a dried shaker format, it’s not that hot and the flavor is still maintained.

The way an entrepreneur spends their day influences their success in their career. For Joel Friant, he believes that the best way to have a productive day is, to begin with, the tough tasks. Starting with the easy things encourages the procrastination of the challenging tasks.

Everyone has their way of bringing their ideas to life. For Joel Friant, he achieves this through cycling. It is during a bicycle ride that his mind is clear. He says he stops to note down points on the side of the road when riding.

One of his attributes that makes him efficiency in his job is writing down staff. According to him, this gives his mind space to think about some other important things. This also helps in ensuring that he doesn’t have to stress his mind by trying to remember other things.

Despite his success in the Habanero Shaker, if he had to start over, there is one thing he could do differently. Joel Friant says that he could have taken less time to understand that everything we want to achieve is in our mind. It is the negative vibrations that we keep sending in our brain that interferes with the greater things we can accomplish in life.

As an entrepreneur, his greatest failure was associating himself with the wrong people. He failed to believe in himself and seek inspiration from outside. He overcame the situation by standing up for himself and believing in himself.

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