How Advertising On Podcasts Was Found To Be Quite Effective

The Atlanta Patch recently wrote an article about PodcastOne and the power of advertising on podcasts. The CEO of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, had commissioned a study into this issue that was conducted by Edison Research Strategy. The results of the study showed that by advertising on a podcast brands could increase their sales and name recognition, among other things, with the participants in the study.

The study used five diverse brands from different industries. Each of the participants was interviewed before and after the ad campaigns that were part of the study. They were quizzed on the name of the brands, what the message of the advertising was, and whether they intended to buy any of the products they had heard while listening to a podcast.

The results showed good news for advertisers and those who run podcasts. One particular brand that can be bought in grocery stores was only referred to by 7% from people in the interviews conducted before the test ad campaigns. Afterwards, 60% of the study participants mentioned this product. In another result, before the ad campaign 16% said they were “almost convinced” to buy a particular lawn and garden product. After the ad campaign this increased to 22%. Learn more:

The study contained a mix of brands with some well-known and others seeking to broaden their exposure. Each ad campaign took place over a 4 to 6 week period. Each product used similar tactics to gain awareness about the message it was trying to deliver. When the study was finished Norman Pattiz had said that he wanted to get independent confirmation on the effectiveness of podcast advertising. The results of the studies, he said, showed that his company was on the right path when it comes to advertising. Learn more:

PodcastOne is an advertiser-supported podcast network that can be listened to across the United States. Every week features more than 300 hours of original programming. There are now 200 different podcasts operating on the network covering a broad range of interests.

As someone who has been in the media industry for decades, Norman Pattiz is very familiar with how to run a network with media content. He was the founder of Westwood One, a giant radio network, back in the 1970’s. He launched PodcastOne as the digital version of that, delivering content to people that they want to hear. He launched Podcastone in 2012 and it is now the premier podcast network in the nation.