Honest, Ethical Profit – Waiakea Water

If someone told me five years ago, that selling bottled water would be one of the biggest global businesses in the world, I would have laughed at them. See, I grew up in a rural environment, and water was something we always had on the tap. Throw in refrigerator filters or various other ways to “clean” your water and why anyone would pay money for water in a bottle just seems insane, doesn’t it? Well, the answer is no, apparently to the tune of $100 billion-dollar industry. Now as we enter 2018 there’s so many different water bottles on store shelves, each trying to convince you, the consumer that that their water is cleaner, tastes better, has special additives to help you perform better, etc. With all the advertorial noise, how does anybody find the best product for their dollar? Better yet, why should you when you can get a glass from the sink?

Enter Waiakea

What if there was a bottled water company that was capturing water that was scientifically proven to be more beneficial to you? What if the owner of this company cared about the environment? Enter Waiakea Water, an alkaline bottled water company from Hawaii. The founder, Ryan Emmons sought to create a sustainable product with unique health benefits. Through the company’s unique filtration process, The water is infused with a unique blend of beneficial minerals, and the water has a Ph level of 7.6 to 8.2. This puts the water well into the “alkaline” spectrum of the Ph scale. Alkaline water boasts several unique health benefits, such as soothing acid reflux, anti-oxidant properties and and the neutralization of acid in the blood stream.

A Company with Ethical Values

We all know that water bottles degrade extraordinarily slowly in the environment. This is a significant problem because as consumption continues to increase so does pollution in the oceans, where these water bottles are dumped. As cool as the health benefits of Waiakea are, the water isn’t what makes the company stand out to me. Instead what interests me is the company’s commitment to their ethical values and mission to help preserve the environment. As we go into the new year, Waiakea is working to produce the world’s first fully degradable water bottle. This is huge, as the company is developing a disruptive product that could potentially solve one of the biggest problems with the water bottle industry. Hopefully, other companies in the industry will follow suit and develop their own degradable bottles using the same technology that Waiakea utilized in 2018