Greg Aziz Is the NSC Legend

Gregory James Aziz has served the Canadian company National Steel Car well during his time as the Chief Executive Officer. They were so astounded by the work he was doing that they elected him as Chairman of the Board. He would also serve as a member of the National Industries Inc. board.


Greg James Aziz would move the headquarters of National Steel Car to the city he called home as a child, Hamilton, Ontario. It was from here that he would lead National Steel Car to become a dominating force in the railway industry.


Gregory James Aziz credits his time at Western University as the true launching pad of his career. During his time studying economics, he learned several principles that could be applied to any company so that it could gain profit.

Gregory James Aziz applied these principles to National Steel Car, and because of these practices, National Steel Car just celebrated its 100th year in existence.


Gregory J Aziz made it the number one priority of National Steel Car to always innovate. When he arrived, he realized that they were using 20th-century products to try to compete in a 21st-century economy. Looking at the fact that all the competition was innovating to take National Steel Car’s place, Greg Aziz knew resting was dangerous.

He worked for five years to convince the company of his vision of excellence. By creating a more efficient National Steel Car, the company could compete on a continent-wide basis. National Steel Car created railcars that were able to travel faster and further while using 90% fewer carbon emissions. This sort of innovation kept National Steel Car as a strong Corporation in railway manufacturing.


During National Steel Car’s centennial celebrations, Gregory James Aziz stood at the platform and thanked everybody for their hard work. He began by thanking the suppliers who over the years kept their prices affordable so that National Steel Car could turn a profit. He also thanked the customers for being loyal throughout the years. He thanked his executives for working with the management to spread the vision of excellence and efficiency. Lastly, he thanked his loyal workers for carrying out that vision and ensuring that everything National Steel Car did was efficient and innovative. See This Article to learn more.


Gregory James Aziz only recently stepped down from National Steel Car. However, it seems they are carrying his vision and will conduct business 100 years from now.

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