Glen Wakeman; a Business leader and an Executive Mentor

Few successful entrepreneurs want to support start-ups and mentor individuals joining entrepreneurship. This has made many start-ups fail as a result of lack of proper strategies and planning. As a result, Glen Wakeman has come to the aid of many entrepreneurs and developing companies. He has an experience of over 21 years in the business management. He is a graduate of the University of Scranton where he attained a degree in economics and finance. He went ahead to join the University of Chicago where he attained an MBA in finance.


After his education, he began his career at GE Capital where he made a significant impact. He held various positions in business development, operational management as well as general management ( His impact as the CEO of Money Latin America was great. Glen built the company from startup to a $12 billion asset company having operations in over 9 countries. He helped the company to sigh partnerships and promoted the creation of new products. On top of that, he held several positions such as director of business development at GE Money.



Glen Wakeman during his career developed a methodology that improves businesses. The methodology has five key performance dimensions. One of them is leadership where business owners and those in charge should provide the required leadership for business to grow (PremierGazette). The second one is human capital that involves proper strategies, tactics as well as the vision which are essential for one to succeed in entrepreneurship. Others include execution, risk management and good governance.



Glen Wakeman founded and is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. This company targets early stage investors and entrepreneurs. The company has a fully automated software service that enables budding entrepreneurs to organize ideas into workable plans that can lead to success. The company provides essential tips and suggestions for developing companies and small business owners that make them successful if properly followed.



Glen has also founded Nova Four; a company that offers strategic advice and access to capital for emerging and developing companies. Glen also writes about business transformation, emerging markets, global affairs as well as leadership. He has also mentored many companies with his insights and advice such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

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