Fabletics Relies On Its Customers

As the economy changes, more power is put in the hands of the customer. There’s a new trend swiping across all industries: customer reviews. It’s a fact that most shoppers these days trust online reviews more than they trust traditional advertising avenues. Crowd-sourced reviews are the number one determining factor in most consumers’ final purchase.

One brand capitalizing on this shift in marketing is Fabletics. Much of Fabletic’s growth and success is attributed to user reviews. Fabletics started as a customer-focused brand that used a subscription mechanic to sell directly to their customers. This beginning allowed them to quickly take advantage of this trend.

The smartest thing Fabletics did was bring Kate Hudson in before launching. Kate Hudson, despite being a celebrity, has contributed a lot toward growing Fabletics. It’s because of her passion and drive that Fabletics found success in the already dominated activewear market.

She also made the decision to make Fabletics affordable. There are plenty of expensive fitness wear that looks good, but it’s expensive. Companies that sell affordable fitness wear usually have a bland variety of styles. Fabletics combines high fashion and affordable prices. That strategy’s proven successful by attracted over one million monthly members.

There are a lot of keys to success that Kate Hudson’s used in building Fabletics into a multimillion-dollar brand. Obviously, she’s a fashion icon and a Golden Globe-winning actress, so that level of fame doesn’t hurt. More than fame, she’s a brilliant businesswoman with an eye for spotting market opportunities.

As bizarre as it sounds, there weren’t any affordable activewear brands making fashionable products for all types of women. Usually, older and plus-size women were left out; by default, so were extremely petite women. Hudson wanted to create a line that could inspire all women to look and feel their best.

She also works closely with everyone at the company. She’s not the traditional celebrity entrepreneur who just sits around selling their face and name. She spends a significant amount of time working with every department of the company, making sure everything is up to her standards.

She’s the reason that Fabletics is so customer friendly and focused on making every member feel special. She also brings a level of personal connection to the brand. Most people start by taking one of Fabletic’s lifestyle quizzes before joining.