Elysium Health Unveils a Key Supplement

The supplement industry has acquired a reputation for being a minefield of great products mixed in with snake oil. How to determine the validity and effectiveness of any nutritional supplement is a difficult task that causes many consumers to stay away from the nutritional supplements market.

However, one company—Elysium Health—has set out to change the negative stereotypes of the nutritional supplements business. Founded by senior MIT researcher Dr. Leonard Guarente, Elysium Health counts more than 30 world-class scientists among its ranks. The company was explicitly founded with the idea of bringing a higher level of credibility, respectability, and efficacy to the supplement market, restoring the public’s trust in the ability of the industry to create and market products that make good on their claims to promote overall health.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Unlike some other nutritional supplement companies, Elysium Health’s primary focus is on the maintenance of overall health. The company’s first product, Basis, takes advantage of some of the most fundamental chemistry in the life sciences. The supplement allows users to significantly boost the circulating levels of a molecule that is fundamental to the process of cellular respiration. Known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+ for short, the compound is directly responsible for every living cell in the human body being able to store, use, and obtain energy on the cellular level.

What Elysium Health has done with Basis is to enable the human body to produce much more NAD+, which invariably begins to decline in volume throughout the body as people age. This increased supply of NAD+ allows cells to stay healthy

Elysium Health prioritizes the safety and efficacy of their products. As a result, Basis underwent a clinical trial earlier this year. The results of the clinical trial showed that the participants that took Basis for four weeks saw an average increase of 40% in their NAD+ levels. These levels were sustained over an 8-week period, as long as Basis was still being taken regularly.

To purchase Basis, you can go to Elysium Health’s website. There are many subscription plans available, or a one-month purchase for $60.