Dallas, Texas & The Longstar State’s Butt Lift Revolution

Lets be honest for second. Butt lift surgery can transform an average body into a flaming-hot body. The rear-end is one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. If you’re not into working out or if you don’t posses the natural qualities of having a nice but, there are options to get you where you want to be. One of the most sought-after procedures in modern-day society is the Brazilian butt lift. This advanced-medical procedure is fairly common and thousands of people have updated their appearance with this type of butt lift.


The Brazilian butt lift is more about the transformation of fat from one place to another. This action occurs via tiny incisions that your cosmetic surgeon will make. Whether it’s from your thigh, or it’s from your stomach, fat can easily be removed by liposuction. The downtime of Brazilian butt lift surgery can be anywhere from a few weeks to a month. Of course, you’ll want to show-off your new and improved bum, but just be patient because you’ll get your chance to reappear in due time. This style of butt lift makes your bum more perkier. You should have a more well-shaped, rear-end that’s firmer. Dispersing and dissolving fat is made possible through ultrasonic waves, bursts of air, manual motions and vibration. Patients can expect for a two-hour time span and general anesthesia will be used.


The traditional butt lift is much more invasive and in-depth. This type of butt lift involves the removing of tissue, fat and excess skin. Rearranging muscle tissue is also a necessary evil. Suturing pockets underneath muscles are common as well and this action helps to hold everything in place. The traditional butt lift can last between two – four hours. The time is now to get a better butt and Dallas offers plenty of high-quality medical professionals.