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Jorge Moll, a cardiologist who owns numerous private healthcare facilities in Brazil. Besides, he uses his hospitals as business investments by providing treatment for patients at a fee. His contributions to the Brazilian health sector and economy are unmatched ( One the major advancements that he has provided Brazilian doctors with are the invention of… Read Article →

AvaTrade is an online platform for investors that help trades to analyze the forex market, guidance for trader’s decisions and offering a suitable direction of investing. The platform gives detailed information on various currencies and therefore assisting one make a sound decision. The exchange market is always on 24/7; consequently one has to be awake… Read Article →

Wealthy individuals understand there is nothing automatic about investing. Merely watching the markets in real time is not always an effective method of acquiring information to make important investment decisions. True sound investing requires research and solid information that indicates where the markets will go well ahead of the curve. This financial movement principle is… Read Article →

The Atlanta Patch recently wrote an article about PodcastOne and the power of advertising on podcasts. The CEO of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, had commissioned a study into this issue that was conducted by Edison Research Strategy. The results of the study showed that by advertising on a podcast brands could increase their sales and name… Read Article →

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