American Institute of Architects Sophisticates the Architectural Profession

The American Institute of Architects is a joint organization for professional architects headquartered in Washington D.C. The institute’s line of activities is directed towards the advocating of education, community re-augmentation as well as public outreach. Additionally, AIA focuses on improving the public image of architects throughout the United States. The organization’s achievements are attributed to the company’s management models. Since its founding, AIA has been led by exclusive personalities including its current leader, Robert Ivy. Under his instructions, AIA has secured partnerships with other design members to help in the coordination of the industry. Additionally, the corporation accommodates over 90,000 certified architects and associated professionals. For the efficient running of the institute, AIA provides membership levels that are principled by the code of ethics. The most recognized standards include the architect members, emeritus members, and allied members.

AIA’s management structure is outstanding as it is characterized by the governance of the board of directors. At the moment, the American Institute of Architects comprises of more than 200 full-time workers. Despite being recognized as a national agency, AIA attends to the evolving needs of the people in local areas. The heart of the company’s operations is situated in more than 300 local components that offer the members with the social morality that governs their career lives. The unique elements are spread throughout the U.K, Japan, Europe and the United States. AIA’s diversity has contributed to its recognition by numerous prestigious groups and individuals. The most recognized honors program received by the American Institute of Architects includes the AIA Gold Medal and the Architecture Firm Prize. Other awards presented to AIA include the twenty-five-year prize, an award that recognizes architectural projects that have lasted for 25 years.

Robert Ivy’s management strategies are attached to his previous experience in the segment. Robert commenced his career in 1981 serving as Dean/Dale’s principal. His exclusiveness impacted the initiative for fifteen years. In 1996, Robert Ivy climbed his way up to the editor of the famous Chief of Architectural Record. While in the organization, Robert’s presence was felt as he transformed the company into the globe’s most read architectural publication. His editorial leadership granted him a reputation in the industry. As such, Robert Ivy has been presented with a variety of prizes including the Crain Prize and the McGraw-Hill Award. Most importantly, Robert was given the Master Architect title in 2010. At the moment, Robert Ivy resides in Washington, D.C, and ensuring proximity to his workstation thus enhancing efficiencies.