Advantages of Membership in the Oxford Club

Wealthy individuals understand there is nothing automatic about investing. Merely watching the markets in real time is not always an effective method of acquiring information to make important investment decisions. True sound investing requires research and solid information that indicates where the markets will go well ahead of the curve. This financial movement principle is central to the mission of the Oxford Club, which is a publication outlet focused on providing that exact research on emerging economic situations that will assured impact the markets in one way or the other. The most effective pattern for investing is not following the trend. It is establishing the trend.

Membership in the Oxford Club is held on three distinct levels. The standard Premier Membership Plan gives paid members access to the three primary publications dealing with underlying factors in the global economy that will emerge in the not-so-near future. This information allows members to situate their holdings for long optimum gain upon full impact. Those three publications include The Oxford Communique, The Oxford Income Letter, and The Oxford Resource Center, which are all directed toward information affecting financial instruments such as bonds, equities, precious metals, currencies, real estate, and hedge funds.

Beyond basic membership are two elite groups within the Oxford Club labeled as the Director’s Circle and the Chairman’s Circle, both of which allow individual members direct access to the company’s financial advisers. Other advantages along with networking among the club’s financial experts include the opportunity to evaluate designated investment strategies advanced by the management team by access to the official clubhouse.

The Oxford Club physical location is a four-story house in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore, Maryland that allows members exclusive access to other members in an informal setting promoting professional investor interaction. Along with providing solid investment information via their publication platform, The Oxford Club also has an educational program entitled Investment U that can help new club members better understand how the experts in the club determine the most effective methods of investment for the highest possible yields.

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